Today's work with a focus on the future

At Laboratorios Ordesa we invest all of our resources in the search to provide the proper nutrition for both children and adults. We work on new formulas, devoting significant financial and human resources to new research, development and innovation (RDI) programs.

Hydrolysed cereals, liquid formulas and the launching of the first cereal purées with bifidus effect and enriched infant formulas are just some of the results of our innovation programs. This is where our Research Centre in the Barcelona Scientific Park comes in. 

From the centre, we promote and actively participate in domestic and international projects and clinical studies on immunology research and cognitive development. We collaborate with universities, companies and leading nutrition experts.

We also have one of the most modern dairy pilot plants in southern Europe. Construction of this pilot plant, located in Monells (Girona), was made possible by a strategic partnership agreement with the IRTA (Agri-food Technologies Research Institute). 

All because at Laboratorios Ordesa we work to lead the development of unique new patented ingredients and nutritional products, for today and for the future.