Taste, quality and nutritional value

Rigour in each control

With the aim to ensure the maximum quality of our products, we carry out a comprehensive monitoring of all stages of production, from the moment we receive the raw material, through manufacture and distribution, up to the moment the end consumer receives the final product, thus guaranteeing a full traceability of our products.

Quality Assurance

Ordesa has a department for the assurance of the quality and of the current and future safety of our products and processes. The core of its daily tasks is the comprehensive monitoring of all the manufacturing stages: From the receipt of raw material, promotional items and packaging, to the formulation, production and packaging of the products, with a guarantee of the traceability of each piece of data at all times.

The Quality Assurance Department also maintains up to date all processes as a part of Continuous Improvement Strategy that allows us to be more efficient each day.

Because first and foremost we strive to obtain the highest levels of quality.

Ensuring global safety

The Food Safety department sees to it that these regulations, protocols, hygiene plans, and safety plans are observed in all our processes and work environments.

Food safety

We ensure the compliance with hygiene and manufacturing best practices, we establish and revise the work environment conditions, we maintain up to date the APPCC system (Análisis de Peligros y Puntos Críticos de Control, in English: Analysis of Dangers and Critical Points of Control), ... These are the key points that are supervised and managed rigorously by our Food Safety Department.

We keep up to date with legislation

In order to reach the highest standards of food safety in our products, in Ordesa we work proactively on the basis of the recommendations given to us by European experts in this area, and we constantly update our control systems in accordance with the legislation in force.

Supplier supervision

The External Manufacture Supervision carries out a comprehensive monitoring of the implanting of manufacture and hygiene best practices in supplier centres, for which we revise the operative and functional requirements. Only this way we can guarantee the food safety for our products and our promotional items.

Certified management

The application, management, and observation of strict quality regulations and standards has allowed us to be positioned as a referent in the world market in regards to baby nutrition, for which we have obtained the most strict and prestigious certifications in innovation, manufacture, and marketing of our products.

Quality assurance systems

Our Quality Management Systems Department strives to ensure the quality of our products by applying, managing and monitoring quality regulations and standards. The result of this is the certifications we have obtained that recognise this work at an international level.

Certified recognition

Ordesa possesses various quality certifications. 

Beyond responsibility

• Supervise the correct functioning of the processes and documentation.
• Plan, coordinate and monitor internal auditing and supplier auditing.
• Manage corrective and preventive actions.
• Continuous assessment of suppliers with a registration of any quality issues.
• Coordination of work teams in order to implant processes, interactions, and controls.
• Monitoring and analysis of the process controls and indicators.
• Involvement of Management and of the Food Harmlessness Team (APPCC).

This is what we call responsibility