A history of constant innovation

Laboratorios Ordesa has been working for over 70 years to offer the best nutritional products for children and adults, with solutions for every need.

We work to research formulas that are close to breast milk, children and adult health supplements and nutritional formulas to improve people's quality of life.

However, at Laboratorios Ordesa we also pay vital attention to human and technological resources, being the pioneers in our field.

The development of innovative products, such as the first hydrolysed and gluten-free purée on the Spanish market, foods to treat digestive complaints and the first special formulas, has made us the leader on the Spanish infant formula, cereal and infusion market for years.

Feel free to learn a little about our history through our product launches.


Laboratorios Ordesa is born


The first hydrolyzed baby cereal is born.


The first special baby foods for the treatment of digestive disorders are created.


Ordesa launches the first baby cereal without gluten of the market.


Ordesa launches the first special milks into the market.


Launch of the first liquid milks.


The first baby teas in the market are launched by courtesy of Ordesa.


Ordesa launches Vitafos to the market, its first nutritional supplement.


Blevit plus is born, the first baby cereal with bifidus effect.


Creation of Blemil plus forte, the range of milks closer to mother’s milk.


International expansion through distribution agreements and promotion of local companies, giving birth to the international business unit.


Blevit plus Gama Sinocome arrive. The first baby cereals for babies with Little appetite.

New baby cereals Blevit plus Superfibra range that favor the regulation of the intestinal transit.

Blevit plus Ready to Feed with milk and cereals.

Presentation of RizCrem plus and Zanasec plus enriched with probiotics, favoring the diarrheic process in babies.

Blemil plus day formula and Blemil plus night formula, which help staying awake during the day and sleeping at night.

New range of baby milk Blemil plus AC, indicated for the treatment of colics in babies.

Launch of Blemil plus AE, the first original formula with ingredients present in mother’s milk (palmitic acid in ß position, LC-PUFAs, prebiotics and nucleotides) which prevent the slowing down of the intestinal transit.

Blevit plus 8 Cereales Superfibra range is born, which helps regulate the intestinal transit of the baby.

New type of Blevit plus Without Gluten Ready to Feed, ready at any time.

Blevit plus Duplo is born: new range of baby cereals that feed and protect twice as much..

Blemil plus Arroz arrives in the market, with hydrolyzed rice protein.

The innovation of Blemil plus forte enhanced and pioneering formula which includes in its composition bioactive whey proteins rich in immunoglobulins and lactoferrin , prebiotics, probiotics (in Blemil plus forte 2) LC-PUFAs, nucleotides, α –lactoalbumin and 23% palmitic acid in β position. All of this makes this milk the closest milk to mother’s milk.

New buildings for RDI: Research Center in The Parc Científic de Barcelona, and a Technological Center in the IRTA (Institut de Recerca en Tecnologies Alimentàries) of Monells (Girona).

New ingredients in Blemil plus AR. Inclusion of prebiotics and probiotics and nucleotides in the most complete Anti Regurgitation range.

New hydrolyzed formulae Blemil plus 1 and 2 FH, for the treatment of the baby with CMPA.

Launch of Blemil plus 1 and 2 SL without lactose.

Launch of the Blevit in pots range, the only ones with bifidus effects. A careful selection of fruits, meats and fishes with vegetables and greens.

New symbiotic nutritional supplement. Symbioram favors the recovery of the intestinal flora after diarrheic processes or antibiotic treatments.

Blemil plus 3 growth with cereals. Incorporation of cereals into the most complete growth formula.

Renewal of the image of teas and other prepared Blevit products.

Launch of Imunoglukan, an innovative nutritional supplement from natural origin which helps increasing the defenses.

Launch of DHAVit, an infant nutritional supplement which helps reaching the optimal levels of vitamin D and DHA.

Launch of Blevit 0% added sugars baby cereals in Ordesa’s bet for healthy nutrition.

Ampliation of the Blevit in pots range with three new flavors.

Vitafos Junior is launched to the market, nutritional supplement for children from one year old onwards. 

Reformulation of Blemil plus forte with the Nutriexpert formula.

Blemil plus IRC. Expansion of our range of special milks with a new formula for babies with chronic kidney disease.

We expanded the range of growth formula with a new variety: Blemil Plus 3 cereals and fruits.

DONNAPlus+, a new range of nutritional supplements for women.

We expand our range of baby cereals Blevit plus Duplo.

Reformulation of Blemil plus AE y AC.

OMEGAKids®, new nutritional supplement from Omega 3 y Omega 6 to help control TDAH symptoms.

Blevit Plus Trocitos, new range of baby cereals to learn how to chew.

Reformulation of Blemil plus AR.

Renovación imagen de marca Blemil plus y renovación fórmulas Nutriexpert a nivel internacional

Lanzamiento Gama de Cereales Dorlat, con Dorlat Cereales Arroz, Dorlat Cereales Arroz y Zanahoria y Dorlat 8 Cereales con frutas.

Blevit plus Bibe, papilla elaborada a partir de una equilibrada mezcla de 8 cereales con una elevada solubilidad.

Aceite Hipocalórico, ideal para dietas de adelgazamiento porque ayuda a reducir el exceso de calorías.