Fundació Ordesa

Commitment to child welfare

Ordesa created the Ordesa Foundation at the end of 2002. The functional aim of this private institution is to improve the lives, nutrition and health of children without resources.



The Fundació Ordesa is an institution whose founding purpose is the promotion of the improvement of the living, nutritional and health conditions of children, mainly new-born babies, nursing infants and young children.

With this end in mind, the main objectives of the Fundació Ordesa include granting direct aid for financing and promoting programs and projects designed to aid the children without resources and/or affected by social and economic underdevelopment, and provide them with a better quality of life and dignified human development during their childhood.

Each year, the entity arranges Ordesa Aid, which sets aside a total of €250,000 for six social projects focused on child welfare and on donating 20 tons of infant formula to Spanish social entities that help limited-resource families.

In the last 12 years, the Foundation has donated more than €3 million to over 60 different projects, primarily in Africa, Latin America, and Spain that have helped improve the quality of life and nutritional conditions of more than 180,000 children.

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